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LPHF-03A Hign Frequency slip ring

LPHF-03A Hign Frequency slip ring

  • Weight,approx:700g
  • IP Protection Level:IP50
  • Case surface finish:Chromate conversion coat
  • Body Material:Alumillion Revolutions
  • Rotating Speed,Max.:60rpm
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High frequency rotary joints include coaxial rotary joints, waveguide rotary joint, coaxial waveguide rotary joints. They are also known as high frequency slip rings and radio frequency slip rings. High frequency rotary joints are specially designed to transmit high speed serial digital signals like high definition signals, RF signals and microwave signals. The slip ring series support single channel and multi channels transmission of high frequency signals. There are also hybrid solutions that support hybrid transmission of high frequency signals with control signals, communication signals, power signals and fluid medium.

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