Standard & Custom Slip Rings

All products are assembled and tested by JINPAT team of trained technicians using custom designed testing equipment and test procedures.

JINPAT Electronics is a customer centered corporation. We spare no effort in bring high-standard rotary conductive transmission solutions to our clients. By now, JINPAT has served over 10,000 customers around the world. Each of JINPAT’s slip rings has gone through a series of rigorous and systematic inspections and life span tests before delivery. JINPAT slip rings are consistent in standard. There are extreme temperature endurance tests, environmental protection tests and shock endurance tests for slip ring with special purposes. With high technical strength and in-time service, JINPAT provides you with cost-effective solutions and products.


  • Detailed Testing Procedures & Data Reports with Documentation Records
  • Performance Verification Testing (PVT)
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)
  • Full Data Acquisition With Real-Time Uploading
  • Custom-Tailored Product Installation & Rebuild Documentation
  • Environmental Simulation Lab and Material Testing Lab
  • The Largest Product Life Testing Lab in China
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