USB Slip Rings-2.0

USB Slip Rings-2.0

  • Number of Circuits: 40CKT
  • Current: 9×800A+1×PE+ 30×20A+4×fluid
  • Insulation Resistance :≥500MΩ@1000VDC ≥500MΩ@500VDC (signal)
  • Voltage: 440VAC/230V
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 USB Slip Rings-2.0

USB was designed to standardize the connection of peripherals to personal computers. It has largely replaced interfaces such as serial ports and parallel ports, and has become commonplace on a wide range of communication devices like PC and portable devices. USB also gradually finds its way to machine vision, data collection, photographic equipment, digital television and recreational machine, etc.

JINPAT USB slip rings are specially designed for USB signal transmission. JINPAT USB slip ring features sufficient signal channels and stable signal transmission. This series includes slip rings with USB 2.0 connector and with USB 3.0 connector. JINPAT USB slip ring is an optimal solution for transmitting large volume of data at high speed between electrical components.

JINPAT USB Slip Rings Advantages:
High transmission, USB 3.0 theoretical transmission rate up 5.0Gbps, measured transmission rate>2.0Gbps.
Electrical transmission and electro-optical transmission optional
Able to integrate many signal channels. Max channel capacity: 2 USB3.0 channels and 12 USB2.0 channels.
Exquisite contact materials ensure low electrical noise and super long service life.
Various kinds of connector to choose from.

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