Standard & Custom Slip Rings

Hydrualic Electrical Slip Ring

Hydrualic Electrical Slip Ring

  • Number of Circuits :11CKT
  • Insulation Resistance: ≥100MΩ@250VDC
  • Voltage :240VDC
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Model List

Realizes 360° degree rotary transmission of gas like air and Nitrogen.

Low torque hydraulic pneumatic slip ring, compact size, minimum torque 0.1N.m

Life span over 20,000,000 revolutions. (Longer product life under demand)

Custom solution that fulfill special requirements like high speed high pressure. 1~32 channels optional, slip ring with more channels customizable. Transmits air, vacuum, hydraulic oil, water and coolant, etc.

Integrates power, switch signals, Ethernet signals, USB, Industrial bus and sensor signals, etc.

Hybrid solutions with various slip rings like electrical slip ring, high frequency rotary joint and fiber optic rotary joint.

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