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Turntable Slip Rings

Turntable Slip Rings

  • Number of Circuits: 135CKT
  • Current: 4x15A+22x10A+13x5A+ 72x2A+2E2+3x1553B
  • Insulation Resistance: ≥500MΩ@500VDC ≥100MΩ@300VDC (signal)
  • Voltage: 400VAC/48VDC
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Model List

LPT004-073-0415-2210-1305-7202-02E2-03S   – 2D simulation turntable


1、Simultaneous transmission of power and signal

2、Adopts gold-to-gold contact to transmit signal

3、Long service life, maintenance-free

4、Compact structure, main shaft is   equipped with 4mm gas channel


1、Able to integrate up to 135 channels

2、Module design, guarantees consistency of the products

3、Compact structure, small size

4、Adopt special soft wire

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