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LPC-1F2402 fiber optic rotary joints

LPC-1F2402 fiber optic rotary joints

  • Rating Voltage:0~240V AC/DC
  • Contact Material:Gold to Gold
  • Working Speed:0~300rpm
  • Housing Material:Aluminum Alloy
  • The bending radius:50mm
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Model List

LPC-1F2402 has 1 optical channel and 24 power channels. It is a slip ring model that can function smoothly in harsh environments with no contact, no friction and therefore attain a super long product life. Hybrid transmission of various signals(video, serial data and network data,etc.) Adopting fiber optics as medium allows no leakage and interference-free reliable transmission up to a hundred miles. The slip ring is light and compact, and is able to integrate with electrical slip rings. System upgrade is very convenient and flexible.

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