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LPC-1C1202 integrated slip ring

LPC-1C1202 integrated slip ring

  • Working Speed:0~300rpm
  • Dynamic Resistance Fluctuation Value:≤35MΩ
  • Contact Material:Gold to Gold
  • Housing Material:Aluminum Alloy
  • Frequency range:0~3GHz
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Model List

LPC-1C1202 is a hybrid slip ring developed from high frequency slip ring and capsule slip ring. The outer diameter is 22mm, and the length is 39.8mm. The slip ring model is optional in its outer design, with or without and elbow. The slip ring adopts advanced military-class technique in handling the unit surface. LPC-1C1202 features high design precision, low contact resistance, low torque, long service life and reliable operation. This slip ring   is especially fit for small rotary systems that transmit weak control signals. It is compatible with data bus protocal and SDI signals.

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