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LPCC-02A Hign Frequency slip ring

LPCC-02A Hign Frequency slip ring

  • Interface Tpe:SMA/MCX/SMB/N/other
  • Frequenc Range: DC-3GHz
  • Impedance:50Ohm
  • Body Material:Nickel-plated
  • Weight,approx:11.5g
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Model List

JINPAT LPCC High Frequency Slip Ring Series.Basing on their different characteristic impedances, the slip rings can transmit HDMI signals and RF signals. The LPCC series can be integrated with the LPC-T series. Slip ring LPCC-02A is a standard coaxial connector with an elbow. This slip ring model features a compact design, super long life and free-maintainence. There no need to apply lubricants. Able to transmit analog signals and high speed digital signals.

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