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LPM-30A  Miniature Capsule Slip Rings

LPM-30A Miniature Capsule Slip Rings

  • Number of Circuits 06/12/18/24
  • Current 5A(Signal)/10A/15A
  • Insulation Resistance ≥500MΩ@500VDC
  • Wire Length rotor/stator:300mm
  • Voltage 240VAC/DC
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LPM-30A   Miniature Capsule Slip Rings

A slip ring capsule can be used in an electromechanical application to transfer low power and data over continuous rotary interface. A slip ring is also called a rotary electrical interface, commutator, collector, swivel or a rotary joint.

The LPM-30A compact slip ring provides 30 circuits and operational speeds up to 300 rpm. Our fiber brush technology minimizes contact wear and Precision assembly while it extends operational life.

LPM-30AOutline Drawing

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