Standard & Custom Slip Rings

Slip Rings for All Terrain Cranes

Slip Rings for All Terrain Cranes

  • Number of Circuits: 12CKT
  • Current:4×30A+2×10A+3×5A+ 4×CANBUS+1× Throttle signal
  • Insulation Resistance: ≥500MΩ@500VDC
  • Voltage :36VDC
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Model List

LPT200-0430-0210-06S   – 100T All terrain crane


1、Simultaneous transmission of power and signal

2、Large through-bore design

3、Standard installation, protection grade IP67



1、Excellent water-proof performance, protection grade up to IP67, fits to work in outdoor environment

2、Multiple channels for power, general signals, throttle signal and CANBUS signal, etc

3、Meet the requirements of crane models with 12T~350T lifting capacity

4、Large through-bore series, bore diameter 200mm

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